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National bag tags

a league that represents a Disc Golf Nation

If you have not yet joined the Members Only Facebook, we STRONGLY encourage that you do. Once a month, we host a National Ace Pot - these ace pots are regularly $750+ but vary widely. If you’d like to get your region involve or see if there is a region close to you - you can contact us directly at; however, getting involved on the member’s page will be your best and quickest source for information!

A Little About the League...

The Pyrohyzer National Bag Tag League is a national disc golf league. We started the league in March 2018 and currently have 3500+ members.

The way it works: When you run into an individual with a Pyrohyzer bag tag - play for it. Earn those bragging rights; trade your tags respectfully. The tags have been made for easy display on your bag without being invasive – this way, Pyrohyzer bag tag members will be easily spotted by one another. This is our goal so you guys can meet/recognize each other easily. We are all about GROWING THE SPORT.

  • The TOP 20 bag tags are made out of our dichroic/foil glass. They are full of glitz and glam and make a heck of a statement. Tags are randomly colored. The colors do not mean anything when it comes to standings.

  • The TOP 100 bag tag holders may NOT refuse a challenge from any other bag tag holder (while ON the field). If this happens and is reported, you will be notified and undergo a year suspension from the league. If a challenge is made off the field and agreed upon, it is the challenger's responsibility to travel to the challenge unless otherwise agreed upon. Please keep this friendly and civil.

  • Eventually, we will be hosting events in different states and/or from our remote location. "Eg: In the month of August - Pyrohyzer Bag Tag Members in the city of Memphis, TN can go to ABC Course and compete at this day and time." We will be coordinating these events and there will be prizes for top notch minis, merch, additional discounts, or cash (when we get to the point on which we can do that).

Tag Details:

The national GLASS Pyrohyzer Bag Tags are approx. 1.75 inches round, etched with a tag number (in addition to our PH logo), and come with a hanger.  

  • Individual tags are $5 a piece. They can be purchased under our Shop Tags tab at

  • Group tags (50+) are $3.50 a piece - contact us if interested.

Purchase of a bag tag gets you in for LIFE. No joke. There is no annual fee, which is NUTS. We are serious about membership retention. Tag numbers are dispersed at random and sent on a rolling basis. 


DO NOT get discouraged if you are in a state with minimal tags. Honestly, 10 tags vs 2 tags is hardly a difference right now. We are on a mission to get continuous growth and new members... get your clubs involved! Play locally. Play in tournaments. Cross state lines!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone's ongoing support to make this successful! Share this post/information with your friends, clubs, etc. It will be YOU guys who choose whether or not to make this work!

We anticipate more questions, idea, concerns along the way… please comment below and we will address them as they come up! And please remember - this is a learning experience for not only you all, but as well.

Thank You,
Josh and Ashley Bergquist