Thanks for coming to check out our website! We founded Pyrohyzer in February of 2015. Since then, we have been making fun, aesthetically pleasing, awesome glass products for the world of disc golfers.  We are headquartered out of Colorado Springs, CO. We do not have a public store front but we do schedule appointments for those who want to see our inventory in person! We have started travelling out of state - slowly - so if you are an attendee at either the Las Vegas Challenge or GBO in 2019, come meet us!

Currently, all of our products are made of glass. We work with high temperatures where we create, shape, and mold our glass into it's final product. We are always working on new endeavors and advancements - and will make sure to inform the public of any new product lines! If you're looking to see descriptions of what we make, proceed to Our Work page in the navigation. 

Please feel free to browse, buy as you please, and ask questions if you have them! We can also be found on Facebook by searching our name.